Our Products

Our Products

You think that by now, in 2019,  all crypto, tokens, commodities, markets, goods, materials and instruments are traded seamlessly and instantly, right? At the touch of a button or the click of a mouse, from an office anywhere, be it London, Mumbai or Rio, anyone can trade with whomever they want, anywhere in the world. 

And this should be with the confidence in who they are trading with, where the funds came from and assurance that they are getting the best price possible. 

Well you would be wrong. There are huge global markets that seem to be stuck in the past; trading by word of mouth, telephone conversations, emails...the list goes on. 

This leaves a great opportunity for a group of individuals with experience  in investment banking, buying and selling sides of FX, equities, derivatives and commodities, as well as the ability to build scalable technology quickly to transform these markets.


And that is what Match Financial Technologies has done. We have developed Match Markets and Digital RFQ, platforms that have been designed and built to take advantage of the cloud to deploy and scale quickly and cost-effectively.


Next Generation Marketplace Solutions

  • Fully Customised Trading, Messaging and Request For Quote (RFQ) Design
  • Asset Class and Instrument Agnostic
  • Low-Cost Base-Offering
  • Attractive to Startups and Niche Markets
  • Revenue Share Model
  • Exciting Roadmap
  • Quick Implementation, Globally
  • AWS Cloud Implementation

Lower financial entry barriers 

Taking hidden markets to institutional standards

Price discovery and best execution

Audit trail and regulatory transparency

Technically open access

Increasing liquidity and opportunity for clearing

 New source of market data

 Introducing indices and ETF’s for all markets

Why us?

Crypto and Digital Assets

Digital Asset Brokerage and Consultancy

  • Digital RFQ, Request For Quote platform for investment grade compliance, price discovery and execution on unrivalled OTC liquidity
  • AON Lloyds Wallet Insurance
  • Integrated KYC/KYB and AML
  • Efficient Same-day Settlement
  • Uncompromised Security
  • Industry Leading Total Cost of Trades
  • Exciting Roadmap for STO Multilateral Trading Facility

Our Ecosystem

The Financial Ecosystem we are building

The relationship and conversion between physical and digital assets

Contact us

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Tel: +44 333 016 4188

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