Match Financial Technologies

Unlocking value in hidden markets

A few words about us

Match Financial Technologies brings together a team with a track record in innovative analysis, scoping, development, delivery & RFP success.


Systems can be complex and need the very best people and IP to deliver them successfully.

Our team of experts have experience in investment banking, buying and selling of FX, equities, derivatives and commodities, as well as the ability to build scalable technology quickly to transform these markets. 

Our services include Digital RFQ and Match Markets, platforms that have been designed and built to take advantage of the cloud to deploy and scale quickly and cost-effectively.

What we do

Identify markets with hidden value to improve liquidity and price


Taking each market electronic with relevant market experts

Operate fair and effective markets  

Full KYC, AML and FCA approved


Confirmed asset provenance

With proof of ownership and audit of supply

chain integrity

Client Engagement

Analysis of the clients needs

creates functional specifications, technical architecture, roadmaps, and UX designs in an agile manner that transforms businesses execution & efficiency models.

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Colaborative Development

Working closely with our clients our front office experienced team design solutions that are aligned with business goals. Intergrating with exsisting infrastructure where necessary. 

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Operational Support

We provide support and maintenance of platforms delivered in partnership with our clients.

We view the pro-active oversight of the overall infrastructure essential to preventing issues before they impact

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Contact us

4th Floor, 100 Fenchurch St.



United Kingdom


Tel: +44 333 016 4188

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